The Comeback Queen 7-Day Vision Board Challenge
The Comeback Queen 7-Day Vision Board Challenge

Don’t bother with a 2021 planner, they say. No one's claiming 2021 as their year yet! they joke.

And while honestly funny & sadly true for some… that's not what successful people do. They face their challenges head on & fight for better. They plan, learn & do. They crush goals & have an amazing year.

We can all look at the business owner or individual that could have easily been put out of business or out of work due to Covid, but instead of giving in, they pushed past fear & pivoted toward a rising income.

I’m sure you can look to relationships that should’ve ended, but instead become amazing testimonies.

And you all know that person that was obese & sick for years, but now has an inspiring comeback story of ultimate health & fitness.

I’ve heard world famous celebrity coach Tony Robbins mention that if all the money was taken from the hands of the world’s wealthiest & given to the poor, the money would make its way back to the hands of the wealthy within a year.

Not because they are crooked (that’s always a small minority,) but because of the opposite mindset & standards they BOTH possess.

So here’s what I deeply desire everyone to believe to their cire & then experience for themselves: you have the ability to live an amazing life on your terms, & so, I want to show you 2 things:

  • Where science & faith agree on what works for improving any area of your life in order to increase your faith & confidence in this process all the successful people utilize.
  • The practical, real-life steps you need to apply to your life to see positive changes– not just concepts.

Join us to learn how to craft your own beautifully inspiring comeback victory with the 7 Day Comeback Queen Vision Board!


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with your coach Michele Rohde