Are you ready to feel confident, fulfilled & sustain long-term results that you feel GREAT about?

Then the Rise & Shine Facebook Group is exactly what you need!

rise and shine facebook group
It's Lauren and Michele Here

...and we’re SO thrilled to welcome you into our world!

If you’re like us...

  • You’ve tried nearly every single diet, healthy & not so healthy, on the face of this crazy planet in order to feel more confident in your own cute clothes
  • You’re just plain tired of being so tired all the time. You know that hiding out isn’t the way to live – its not suppose to be that way, right?
  • You desire to achieve more than you have, but good grief - how can you find any more time, energy or support?
  • You want to be a more confident, happier version of yourself for yourself & your loved ones
  • You feel lonely, overwhelmed & defeated at the challenges that you’re encountering in your life.
Michele and Lauren

We get it - we too have those feelings down to our bones. We knew we had to make a change, but it felt like we had tried everything.

  • Lauren had a near death experience due to a medical crisis. She had to face the seriousness of improving her health so she could be present for her husband & 2 daughters.
  • Michele needed to overcome depression & find mental & physical strength to handle her youngest daughter’s medical diagnosis & other family challenges.

We felt ourselves up against a wall, and we know you’ve been there too. The one thing we never did was quit praying for our lives to improve - even when we couldn’t see a solution. We’re sure you’ve been doing the same thing, which has divinely lead you here to us – no coincidences – the same way Lauren & I were brought together for this purpose & calling.

We each discovered the answer to our crisis’ was something a little different than we had done before, believe it or not.

It was finally the right combination that brought relief & results into our lives – for good. Lasting, long-term lifestyle change. Changes we want to stick to because it feels right – not wrong – like fad diets or pills can feel.

What was the solution?

These things worked so well for us,

we wanted to share it with others.

We knew it would be a sin to keep a gift like this to ourselves. Plus, truthfully, we could not deny that God was telling us each separately in prayer & throughout the day in songs, books & many other special little “God-winks” that we were being asked to create this together.

Thus, Rise & Shine was born!

Rise & Shine isn’t your typical group.

We provide so much more to help you feel connected, fulfilled & to sustain long-term results you feel great about!

What makes us different?

  • We start every day with God & a devotional that will feel like it was meant just for you in your present moment circumstances you are facing
  • We show you how to find the time to create positive changes
  • Our community keeps you accountable with like-minded Christians who care genuinely about your success & wellbeing. We’re all here for YOU!
  • We bring you live cooking, coaching & devotional videos to keep you inspired & growing in addition to sharing our fav products, workouts and easy & healthy, but always delicious recipes. Meal plans range from carb cycling, intermittent fasting & macro balanced. Let us find your perfect fit!
  • Plus, events, fun contests & drawings because that stuff is awesome too!

We want this to be the last thing you have to try, because we know it’s exhausting! So come on in & experience something different & fulfilling.  You’ve taken countless “before” pictures. We want to show you how to finally get that “after” picture. You’re in the right place at long last.

 It’s your time to Rise & Shine!

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