Welcome to the Big Sexy Goal 21-Day Challenge!

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Welcome, goal-digging diva!!

Congrats again on saying YES to YOURSELF, and to having a deep desire to seeing your dreams come to fruition!  Especially those BIG, sexy goals!!

Now, look. I know a lot of people don't like to read anymore because life is crazy, busy for so many. But, I promise you if you take the 3 minutes it takes to read this right now, YOU WON'T REGRET IT, I promise. This can change your life, if you let it. So here we go!

You're about to get the EXACT process I use time & time again to get EXACTLY what I want,  - Actually, I usually get better results than I expect!  I believe life will continue to happen to us (both good & not so good events, depending on our current perspective), but I CHOOSE to control what I can & LET GO of what I cannot.

Look, my life isn't perfect, & I also recognize it could be even harder than it is at any certain point in time.  My husband & I are running 3 businesses between the 2 of us with 2 small children, one of which is special needs.  It's not always perfect, but we are so thankful for all of our blessings.  In CHOOSING to be an active participant in the design of my life, I have found my soulmate, we've built our dream home, created a successful business model that affords us plenty of income & freedom, have 2 of the sweetest, happiest girls you'll ever meet & have had so many memorable experiences.  I want the same & more for YOU!

We all deserve to feel happier more frequently than the current stressed out, too busy status quo.

What do YOU want?  

What are your BIG, Sexy Goals?! 

If you aren't yet clear on this, don't worry, I've got you covered with one of the 1st activities in the challenge, you'll read about in just a second.

So, what should you expect for your 21 day journey?! SERENDIPITY! SURPRISES! SYNCRONISITIES! ABUNDANCE! MORE PEACE & HAPPINESS! Just promise me this right now though before we begin...don't stress over this, leave perfection at the door & just begin the small handful of tasks.  Do them as often as you can remember.  Participate.  Show up for yourself.  Be gentle with yourself & above all, HAVE FUN WITH THIS PROCESS!

There's only 5 things you'll need to do before beginning this challenge, & you can finish them all in one weekend.  I've attached your worksheet in the follow up email for you to access all in one place.

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Once you've completed the steps, use the materials every day for 21 days. That's enough time for you to create a BIG, Sexy habit; new neuropathways & to see some pretty amazing results! Of course, after the 21 days is up, you can keep going if you want to keep seeing things improve! Who wouldn't want that?! You may also want to tweak what doesn't feel yummy along the way, until it does.

Let's get this party started!

The BIG, Sexy 21 Day Challenge Steps to Success:

#1: Join the Private FB group

CLICK HERE to join the Facebook Group

Be sure to ask your questions, post pictures of your completed challenge materials, & share about your amazing experiences! The group participation & interaction is such a vital piece that will keep you accountable & amplify your results with the shared positive vibes in the magical DWW community! Be BRAVE!

#2: Fill out The Complete Dream Sheet

Download your Complete Dream worksheet HERE

This will help you to create & mine the most inspiring goals that are born from the core of your soul - the kind of goals you can't stop thinking about once you bring them into existence!  If you already have goals, super! You'll still want to complete this sheet to round them out (make them BIGGER & Sexier;) & give them more life with your pen.  I don't want you to hold back at all. NO LIMITS!

#3: Create a Dream Board

You can accomplish this a number of ways. There's a version that's right for each personality type out there now, which is so cool!  If you're more techy & less crafty or short on time, try out an app or other pc program. One of the quickest & most user friendly versions I have found is Jack Canfield's (The Chicken Soup for the Soul guy;) Success Vision Board app downloadable on a smart phone.  Mind Movies is also great. I created a short 3 min movie full of my goals, that I watch after I finish with my morning meditation a couple times a week.

Or, my preferred method: grab a poster board, cut out or print out pics of your goals, & gather up some crafty items that inspire you - from glitter, colorful pens, quotes, to stickers or etc.  Now, don't think this is silly child's play or a waste of time! It's actually one of the most critical components for many reasons. It takes an intangible thought & makes it more material. It starts an amazing neurological process that actually encourages your brain to make those goals a reality by looking at them every day. It reinforces more positivity & reduces stress. WIN!

 Once you've created your board:

*Please share it with the group to inspire others, get feedback & you never know what other magic might happen!

*Place your vision board in a clutter free area where you'll be able to see it every day.  Take a picture of it with your phone & save it to favorites, even if you created it on your phone or pc, & glance at the photo of your Dream Board every day!

#4: Complete My Perfect Day goals sheet

Download your Perfect Day intention planner HERE

If you've completed Step 2 & 3 (I hope you have!!), this one should come together much more easily for you.  Think about what would feel sooo good to complete & experience in an ideal day. Be careful not to make the list so long that it overwhelms you. But think of the perfect, feel good day - even if you've never experienced one... go ahead and create it on paper.

You can make one for the weekend & one for the weekday if they are different for you.  Would you enjoy waking up rested & making yourself a healthy breakfast, doing some yoga, then having someone help you get your kids ready for school & having that go smoothly & happily, after which you work on projects that fulfill you with delightful people, then finish the evening in a clean home with supper ready in the crockpot & make funny memories during family time around a board game before baths & a relaxing bed time?

Here's an example of my Perfect Day

That's a summary of one of my ideal days, but it may not look the same for you, so go ahead & design away! Once you have your ideal day crafted, place it next to your dream board & then create one you can actually accomplish this coming week with maybe one or 2 of the ideal goals in it. One step at a time, you'll get closer to your Perfect Day!

Give yourself permission to experience it, one change at a time.  Ask for help or ideas on how you can achieve it if you don't have the answer yet, especially from others who are already there.  LET the BIG, sexy magic happen. 😉 Step by step, you can design a life you LOVE.

#5: Fill out the Daily Habits sheet

Download your Daily Habits Log HERE

Think about the My Perfect Day Goals Sheet that you just created... What habits would you need to STOP doing to experience your perfect day? Write those down.

Now that you've made some room, what habits would you need to START doing or do more often?  Again, don't make the list overwhelming - make it feel yummy & fulfilling.  Write those down & place it in a visible spot, preferably next to your dream board & perfect day goals, so you can track them daily. Post your progress in the group for extra encouragement & support!

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 When you feel ready, you can add on any of these bonus rituals I now perform daily in addition to the 5 above.


Take a look at your Complete Dream Sheet, Dream Board & Perfect Day Goals. Now turn those goals into present tense statements & write them on a sheet of paper you can tape to your bathroom mirror & anywhere else you'll see them daily.  I put mine on one of those rectangular refridgerator to-do note sheets. It's the perfect size & they come in all sorts of fun designs to catch your attention on those mornings you need a little extra help.

Here are some positive, present tense examples:

*I am so grateful for my & my family's good health.

*Money keeps flowing to me continuously & effortlessly to completely support all of my dreams.

*I feel so great in my cute size 4 clothes.

*I love my fulfilling career.

Don't write:

*I wish I would stop getting sick. (That reinforces a negative message.)

*I want my income to be $ in one year. (Don't limit yourself to a future date & even though you might not have what you want yet, still write it out as if you do. We're wanting to create a new script for our sub-conscious mind that it can then work on delivering while we're not even consciously thinking about it;)

Read these to yourself every day. Out loud is even better! And no matter what, read them with positive emotions attached to them. Let yourself feel the emotions you would experience if you did achieve them. This brings you closer to your BIG, sexy goals with every try.


Develop a practice of mindfulness. It can start with just a minute or two then build up to 15 min or more. There are so many great tools out there to assist with these practices, so find one that suits you.  I like to use the Omvana app to help me with meditations on a variety of topics, just rotating them out as I need to focus on one goal to the next.  I also pray ALL of the time! As with the mantras, I'll just thank God, Jesus, Mother Mary, the Angels, &/or our deceased love ones for what I have or desire, then I may ask for specific guidance, always ask for their help & then let go.  I pray like this all throughout the day as needed. I'll take all the help I can get!  

I also encourage you to grab a journal from the local dollar store that resonates with you, leave it by your night stand & before you go to bed each night, write down a few things you are thankful for from that day & in general.  What you focus on expands.  So, want more things for which to be thankful? Then focus on what you have now, to see more.  

I know all of these habits set my mind up to concentrate more on positivity, gratefulness, faith & hope. It's just like building muscle, you have to start somewhere & keep practicing. Eventually there won't be much room left for anything but what you practice & that needs to be what you want.  

Exercise & nutrition can always be improved:

This is the area I happen to need the most improvement in currently too!  Decide on 1 or 2 things you could do in this area to see better results, figure out a game plan for accomplishing it & add it to your daily habits sheet. Be sure to put a picture on your dream board of the end result you're shooting for & make it a mantra!  BIG, sexiness ONLY!! 😉

It can be so easy to overcomplicate things, especially when there is too much information out there on a subject such as exercise & nutrition, but to keep it simple: move more & eat less sugar & refined, processed foods.

Try to make the week you choose this as your effort to be less stressful anyway you can. You could start on a weekend when you have no plans & take the kids (if you have rugrats) to a babysitter, so you can make it through the initial crash you may experience as a result of detoxing.

After you're over the hump, just think of the new energy & good vibes you'll have created for yourself, fueling you to Design a Life You LOVE while experiencing those BIG, Sexy Goals!!

Cheers to your BIG, Sexy Goals!!

Rawwrr! Go get em, goal diggers!!

Thank you for letting me share a little bit of myself with you. I sincerely hope it helps change your life for the better. If my amazing team, or I, can help answer any of your questions, please feel free to drop us a line here!

All my best always,


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