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Welcome! My Name's Michele

I’m a certified coach for those wanting to live a healthier, wealthier, happier life while honoring God. I believe it’s no coincidence you found me today, because…

Your life is at a turning point


Can you imagine your life with greater confidence, freedom over your life, a clear direction, a fulfilling purpose, and time for fun & passion in your day-to-day life?

Don't let go of your dream!

Work with me to design a life you LOVE.

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"Meeting Michele was the push I needed..."

As I neared the age of 60, I awoke to the realization that I had been tired of making other people money, and wanted to open my own business. I became acquainted with Michele, and the more we worked together, the more impressed I was with her financial savvy.

She laid out a plan for me, and that meeting was the push I needed. Because of Michele’s professionalism & great advice, I am now my own boss. I have my plan and am building my own wealth.

Thank you for opening up my potential!

Vicki Wagner

Owner, A&W Healthcare Billing

After working with Michele, I have an ease, lightness, and freedom that I needed so badly.  I had a new money issue crop up that left me feeling unsettled and anxious.  Michele helped me navigate this with an amazing series of questions that opened up the true nature of the issue and provided insight that dissolved the tension almost instantaneously. It was unbelievably powerful, and I am so very grateful that she was there to support me!

Katy B. Owner, VisionProject

Michele digs deep to
uncover limiting beliefs and patterns...

I left my session with Michele feeling inspired and amazed at the depth of the subjects we covered. Michele has a unique gift of leading and supporting to greater depths. She shows you your own unique gifts. She digs deeper to uncover limiting beliefs and patterns and you don’t even know you have gone there until you suddenly understand what’s being shown to you.

Michele combines practical strategies with challenging processes to help you get to the next level. She helped me see a different direction, and see the possibilities of an exciting future.

Pam Gras
Occupational Therapist, Life Coach, and Teacher

Michele gave me the strength to believe in myself and follow my passion...

Michele painted me a vision for myself that really stuck with me. It seemed impossible at the time, but in a nutshell, she told me I could be doing less massage and more art and that’s how I would touch people’s lives. A few months later, I fell and suffered an injury that has forced me to put massage aside, leaving me time to focus on art. Since then, I have had some amazing breakthroughs!

Michele’s words have given me the strength to believe in myself and follow my passion. If it wasn’t for her insight and words of encouragement, I might have felt as if this injury was happening to me instead of for me. And for that I am truly thankful.

Miki Brittenham, LMT, CCH
PiezoEclectic crystal jewelry

"Michele's ability to guide me was remarkable..."

The sessions I had with Michele brought about new perspectives on issues I needed to resolve in order to move forward in my personal and business world. Michele’s ability to guide me was remarkable. I laughed, got teary-eyed, learned more about my perspectives about some past issues, and was able to realize what steps, even if they were baby steps for me, I could implement in order for me to attain what I truly wanted. Being able to see what I needed to do to create the life I want helped me in so many ways.

Thank you for all you have brought forth in me to help me see that I can attain what I truly desire!

Ann C. Heroux

Owner, With Caring Attention, LLC