Your fitness plateau stops here!

This isn’t your typical fitness journal. It incorporates the one thing you may have been missing in your fitness journey – FAITH

Hi! I’m Michele.

I’m a momprenuer focused on achieving life-giving goals without the soul-sucking hustle.

I created this journal to help you once and for all find balance & success in your health! In this journal, you’ll find the dedicated space you need to:

With a Christian influence, this editable digital journal will allow you to thrive in mind, body & spirit.

So many planners & journals have been traditionally focused only on the self, self-control or have no depth at all, which is one of many reasons we fail to effectively utilize them & see any real progress!

This journal understands that while it is important to focus on what we can control, it is equally, if not considerably more, critical to understand where we need to surrender our control every day.

The goal is to put you in touch with God’s will for your life, because that is where your many blessings & peace lives. Over the course of 90 days, you’ll create life-long healthy habits that not only honor the beautiful body God gave you, but you’ll experience a full cup that will overflow to those around you.

It’s your time to Rise & Shine!

Become your best self with your Rise & Shine 90 day DIGITAL & EDITABLE fitness journal today.

Find your light again & let it SHINE!

Included in your planner:

If you’ve struggled in the past, not knowing…

Then you’ve finally found your solution! Order your planner now for delivery to your inbox same day.


**If you’re a hands-on, old school type of gal & rather hold your journal physically in your hands, check out my high quality spiral-bound journal here!

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